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Dry Age

Dry-ageing is a process of ageing or 'hanging’ meat and takes place in a temperature and humidity controlled room. A controlled process and environment such as this allows the natural enzymes in the meat to go to work. This makes the meat more tender and concentrates the natural flavour of beef. 

Vic's Meat has always been a market leader in this field, introducing the technique of Dry Aged Beef to its Sydney based customers back in 1996, when it was practically unheard of. Twenty four years later we are still proud to be supplying Dry Aged Beef to you. 

Our advanced dry-ageing program means that at any given time we have roughly 11 tonne of product developing age and flavour in our custom built dry age rooms. Our program is not however limited to beef. This ageing process can, and is applied to various proteins including Free Range Australian Lamb and our Rare Breed Berkshire Pork. Although, we must admit, the greatest example of dry-ageing is seen on the finest Angus Beef this country has to offer (Rangers Valley Black Market 150 days dry aged, "Firedoor Cote de Beouf") as well as our incredible Premium Grass Fed/ Finished Beef. 

The steaks we have on offer are the cream of the crop. Every piece has been hand-selected, aged for a minimum of 28 days, and cut to the same level of precision required by some of the worlds best Chef's. 

Please enjoy.