Wild Caught Tasmanian Premium Sea Urchin (A Grade) - 100g


Oceans butter has come into season..

Sea urchins are an ancient organism that consist of a mouth, gut tube, a primitive nervous system and five delicate tongues of gonads encased in a spiky hard shell. The gonads are commonly known as sea urchin roe or in Japan as uni

Sea urchin gonads, or roe, are highly sought after in France and in Japan, where they are typically served raw. In Australia, they spawn in Summer and are at their optimum when consumed in Spring.

Sea urchin is one of the truly great food experiences. These Tasmanian short spine, white sea urchin are of the highest grade (A Grade), displaying a bright yellow & gold hue. The texture is creamy yet firm, and melts in your mouth like butter. Sweet, with sea salt flavours, sea urchin is an ingredient which divides opinion and is prized as much for the smooth texture as its taste and aroma.

Martin's Seafood was established in 1978 and has been supplying premium and ethically sourced seafood to Australia's most respected restaurants. Working with boutique and specialist fisherman and selected producers, Martin's Seafood has built a reputation on integrity and transparency in the premium seafood realm.

Product must be refrigerated and is best consumed within 3 days.

A culinary must try, serve simply sashimi-stylewrapped in Nori or stirred through a bowl of creamy tagliatelle.


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