Wagyu Brisket Point End Marbling Score 9+ Security Foods

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Brisket, irrespective of the animal, will always deliver. It has an unstructured, unplanned combination of meat and fat and dense muscle fibers.

This cut is wonderful rolled, tied then slowly braised in stock to release the flavour of the meat and break down the connective tissue fibers, giving a luscious texture.

The brisket is a firm favourite for low and slow cooking of the Texas-style barbecue.

Security Foods has earned a reputation as being one of the most premium quality Wagyu Beef producers in Australia. Security Foods uses Karoge Washu bred Wagyu and Tajima Bloodlines. 

Cattle are bred in the temperate southern regions of Australia including the Northern Tablelands and Riverina of NSW and the King and Kiewa Valleys of Victoria. The cattle graze free range on perennial pastures such as clover and rye grass and are finished on a special ration designed for optimal marbling, meat and fat colour. 

The end result is a tender premium product, characterised by a juicy and satisfying beef flavour.

Your product has been vacuum sealed and can be safely stored refrigerated.

How much Brisket will you need to feed per person?

We recommend approx. 300g of uncooked meat per person.

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