Fullblood Wagyu Yakiniku (Karubi Plate) Sliced Marble Score 9+ 300g


Brilliant for Japanese BBQ - known as yakiniku or teppanyaki, we have expertly sliced premium Fullblood Wagyu Beef. Only the best cuts have been selected for this ultimate grilling and BBQ pack. The meat can be marinated or unseasoned, then dipped in ‘tare', or dipping sauce, after grilling for a taste sensation.   

This kit includes a total of 1.3kg of the following cuts: 
Chuck Eye Roll - located between the neck & shoulder this cut is heavily marbled, extremely tender and juicy.
Flap Meat - also referred to as Harami or skirt, flap meat is derived from the abdominal region and has a bolder, more beefy flavour. It should be cooked a little longer or until it is well grilled on the outside but still tender on the inside.
Rump Cap - a well balanced cut offering incredible marbling, a 'steaky' texture and well rounded beefy flavour.
Tri Tip - derived from the rump, it exhibits one of the most prominent displays of marbling of all cuts and performs incredibly when grilled"

Whether you are cooking over a traditional charcoal grill or a flat teppan cook surface, ensure the grilling surface is very hot prior to grilling. This will avoid the meat from sticking to the metal surface.

Make sure to grill and enjoy each piece at a time to prevent the temperature of the grill from falling. If you are cooking several pieces together, remember the order that you placed them on the grill so that none of the pieces are overcooked.

Thin, and marbled slices of beef will require only 5-10 seconds of grilling on each side.

Make your own dipping sauce by combining soy sauce, mirin, sugar, sesame oil, & fresh garlic.

300g - Feeds 1-2

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