Fullblood Wagyu Inside Skirt Marble Score 9+ 500g


The cut that butchers keep for themselves...

A true individual, the inside skirt runs along the interior of the abdominal wall. With a slightly more challenging personality, here you will note a spike in flavour and a more open grained texture. The unique flavour (due to its proximity to the offal) and texture makes this cut very different from other cuts of beef.

Inside Skirt is Anthony's ALL TIME favourite cut of beef, and you will rarely see it offered for sale.  It is amazing caramelised in the pan or grilled whole on the BBQ - aim for rare to medium-rare. For another take on this beautifully prepared cut, cover it with your favourite rub or season simply with salt in order to enjoy its rich and flavourful properties

Since opening the doors of Vic's Meat we have continued and remained at the forefront of sourcing Australia’s best producers. This Fullblood Wagyu Marbling Score 9+ product is the culmination of the finest Fullblood wagyu beautifully prepared by our master butchers.

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