The Gourmet Potato Company 'Red Blush Chats' Naturally Grown Potatoes - 1.5kg


Using sustainable farming techniques, these award-winning potatoes are grown naturally in the Southern Uplands of Crookwell New South Wales.

The Red Blush Chat varietal (an heirloom variety) has a smooth buttery flavour with a waxy texture that can take a little extra heat.  Perfect when roasted or boiled for potato salads. These potatoes shine when steamed with skin on, tossed in butter and a sprinkle of finely sliced chives. Serve them alongside a beautiful fillet of perfectly cooked fish.  For something a little different, these little wonders make the perfect miniature Hasselback.

These Red Blush Chat Potatoes are hand graded exclusively for Vic’s Premium Quality Meat and are available in limited quantities - you will not find this product elsewhere. We wanted to partner with one of the most progressive regenerative farmers in the country. Truly delicious and highly nutritious potatoes delivered to your door. 


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