Suckling Pig Loin Roast


Suckling pig has a more delicate flavour than mature pork. It is leaner and the meat is more tender so this loin will make a delicious Christmas roast.

Expertly prepared by our butchers, this Suckling pig loin has been boned and rolled ready for roasting, leaving the skin on for that all-important crispy crackling.

Roast this portion of the suckling pig over beautifully tempered coals. Alternatively, this will cook beautifully in an oven low and slow. When cooked perfectly, this loin will deliver you the most incredible crispy, crunchy crackling and soft, succulent meat. For best results rub your loin pork liberally with coarse, natural sea salt at least one hour before cooking. 

Your product has been vacuum sealed and can be safely stored refrigerated or frozen.

1.5kg feeds 5 -6 people

3.0kg feeds 8 -12 people

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