Spatchcock Butterflied 300g x 2 Pieces


A spatchcock or Poussin, refers to both the age, and method of preparation of the bird. A spatchcock is a young (spring) chicken, roughly 3 weeks of age that has been butterflied by removing the backbone and flattening.

These spatchcocks are raised on a single source farm in the foothills of the Hornsby Shire in NSW using small scale boutique farming methods. They have 24 hour access to spacious and well-ventilated barns with unlimited access to fresh food and water. 

Butterflying the spatchcock makes the bird a great carrier of flavour and easy to cook, suitable for roasting, pan frying or BBQ. These spatchcocks are tender and perfect for a variety of marinades, Jerk, Portuguese Piri Piri or even an Asian influence with Shallot, Ginger and Garlic. 

One bird comfortably feeds 1 person. 

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