Wagyu Rib Eye Steak Marble Score 5+ Rangers Valley - 1.2kg


This Rib Eye from the world's most respected premium marbled beef producer Rangers Valley is a showstopper. This Rib Eye comes from incredible ration-fed Wagyu beef.

This is the cut that's got it all: flavour, texture, tenderness, and juiciness. This cut will guarantee you a rich and buttery flavour with a soft and succulent texture.

Rangers Valley achieve maximum marbling with specialised feed rations to ensure their cattle grow at a slow, natural rate, similar to that of a pasture fed animal. This approach delivers beef products that achieve very consistent marbling scores.

These animals are humanely raised and harvested with no added hormones or antibiotics.

This cut is best cooked on a BBQ or pan fried and basted with butter & thyme. 

Your product has been vacuum sealed and can be safely stored refrigerated.

Feeds up to 3 people.

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