Katsu Sandwich Kit

  • Perfect For Parties
  • Available In Chicken Or Pork
  • Feeds 2 People

Introducing our Katsu Sandwich Kit. Everything you need to make Japan’s infamous 'sando' at home. This is Japan’s ultimate on-the-go food, often sold street side and at train stations across Japan. These 'sando’s’ as they are affectionately referred to have become an in-demand cult food item the world over.

Crispy Kurobuta Berkshire pork or juicy Chicken breast fillet (your choice!), fruity tonkatsu (Bulldog) sauce, and shredded fresh white cabbage all beautifully squeezed between fluffy white Japanese bread. This is an incredibly satisfying and comforting dish - all wrapped up in the palm of your hands. 

Tonkatsu (Bull-dog) sauce is Japan's answer to barbecue sauce, and Bull-Dog is the most popular bottled brand. The sweet, tangy fruit-and-vegetable-based condiment is the ideal match for the crunchy pork and fresh cabbage.

This kit includes:

4 x slices Breadtop Brand Japanese White Bread

50g shredded Fresh White Cabagge

1 x 30g tub Dijon Mustard

1 x 300ml Bull-Dog Tonkatsu Sauce

2 x 200g Panko Crumbed Kurobuta Berkshire Premium Pork Loin Steaks 


2 x 250g Panko Crumbed Chicken Breast Fillet 

Feeds 2 people.

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