Ora King Salmon 200g x 2 Pieces

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    A little something different for you… from the experts at Martin’s Seafood. 

    Ora King Salmon is grown in the pristine cold clear waters of Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand. King Salmon (like Wagyu) is unique and known for its beautiful bright orange flesh, marbling and nutritious oil content. This fish has incredible flavour and unmistakable mouth feel. Soft and buttery. 

    These fillets are beautiful when prepared for sushi / sashimi at home, however they really shine when cooked. It is almost impossible to dry this fish out due to its incredible oil content. There are countless ways of serving salmon of this quality, serve simply with green beans and new potatoes. Or, grill gently over charcoal and serve alongside a beetroot and walnut salad with a tangy vinaigrette. 

    Each piece feeds 1 person.

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