New Zealand Pink Snapper Mid Cut Fillet - 180g

  • Product Information

    This beautiful white-pink fleshed Snapper is grown in the pristine clear waters of the North Island of New Zealand. This area is famed for its beautiful beaches and rocky shores, and is pristine which abounds with seafood.

    OPC is a fishery that focuses on catching deep sea fish using Japanese traditional fishing and dispatching methods to ensure the integrity of the fish is maintained at absolute peak condition. As a result of these methods, only small volumes are caught hence sustainability of the fishery is maintained.  

    This Snapper is line caught by fisherman using the well regarded Ike-jime kill method which reduces the level of adrenaline in fish when caught. Adrenaline can shorten the shelf life of fresh seafood regardless of how well they are handled. The Ike-jime method instantly paralyses the fish causing immediate death in the most humane possible way.

    Snapper is the most preferred and loved table fish, due to its mild and sweet flavour. 

    There are countless ways of serving Snapper of this quality, serve simply with green beans and new potatoes. Or, grill gently over charcoal and serve alongside a leafy green salad with a tangy vinaigrette. 

    Each piece feeds 1 person.

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