Nduja (En-doo-ya) Butter by Victor Churchill - 200g

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    Originally heralding from way down south in Calabria this is our very own signature series Nduja Butter handmade by the team at Victor Churchill. This spreadable pork Salumi is smooth and warm. 

    De Palma Salumi Nduja is a delicious and mildly spiced hand made sausage spread like no other. A subtle combination of spices that provide a short gentle hit of warmth and lasting flavour.

    Nduja butter with its distinct heat and flavour is incredibly dynamic and easily adaptable for a variety of recipes. We recommend smearing it on bread or treating it like a ready-made pasta topping - just toss it through warm pasta with a little salt and EVOO.

    This butter is limited and exclusive to Vic's Meat Online.

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