Nduja (En-doo-ya) Butter by Pepe Saya 25g x 4 Pieces


From the heart of Spilinga in Calabria, Pepe Saya has given us his take on Nduja Butter. Nduja is a spicy salami paste originating in Calabria. Pepe kneads the spicy paste from Pino's Dolce Vita into his famous cultured butter.

The spicy mix is a blend of pork meat, salt, fat, pepper and five different types of red chillies. This mix is then filled into large natural casings, slowly cured, gently smoked and left to hang for 4-12 weeks depending on the size. 

This butter is incredible when tossed through hot pasta, spread over crusty bread or used to add an incredible amount of flavour when cooking with chicken or fish. 

This butter is limited and exclusive to Vic's Meat Online.

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