Moreton Bay Bug Meat - 70g x 2 Pieces

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    Something a little different for you...

    From the experts at Martin’s Seafood - Moreton Bay Bug Meat. These Moreton bay bugs are caught in the deep, clear waters along the tropical and subtropical coast of Australia. These particular beauties are sourced from the Mooloolaba area in Queensland. 

    Moreton Bay Bugs share many similarities with cray fish and lobster, in particular the flesh, which is thick and firm textured. The sweet firm flesh of Moreton bay bugs makes them the King of crustaceans. 

    This bug meat is spectacular, exquisite and great if you want something luxurious at home (it is also perfect for sashimi). These Bugs are hand peeled to order and delivered to your door.

    Your culinary list with bug meat is vast. From a casual 'Bug Burger' to a beautiful silky pasta with bug meat, chilli and garlic. They are also beautiful pan fried gently in a little butter and olive oil with a squeeze of lemon and a pinch of salt.  

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