Fullblood Wagyu Eye Fillet Whole Marble Score 9+ 2GR

$476 $952

For a seriously special centerpiece at your next family meal, look no further. These eye fillets are ultra-tender, super juicy and packed full of pure beefy flavour.  

Grazing on the open ranges along the Central Western Slopes of NSW, 2GR Wagyu cattle enjoy expansive spaces shaded by Kurrajongs & Eucalyptus, lush nutritious pasture and an abundance of fresh water that rushes down from the mountain ranges.

Wagyu enjoy open pasture for 18 months before they are moved into the 2GR feeding program that follows traditional Japanese animal management and ensures gentle, stress free handling and respect. 

Within the program, cattle are fed a special Japanese ration of wheat, corn and corn hominy. The specially formulated ration is all natural with no hormones or chemicals.

Roast this Tenderloin whole (be sure to fold the narrow tail end up with the rest of the fillet and tie it in place to create an even log to ensure even cooking), or simply portion the fillet to make filet mignon.

Pair these fillets with our Free Range Bearnaise Sauce for a luxurious at home dining experience. 

Your product has been vacuum sealed and can be safely stored refrigerated.

Each Tenderloin will feed 6-9 people.

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