Flat Pancetta Kurobuta Rare Breed Berkshire - 250g Sliced


Kurobuta Pork is one of the most highly prized pork products available in this country. It comes from the ancient breed of pig known as Black Berkshire, one of the oldest breeds known to exist. Kurobuta Pork is raised in the mild climate of Broken Head NSW (near to Byron Bay), where the pigs have a low stress lifestyle. The pigs are raised in eco-pens and are fed a blend of wholesome wheat, barley, sorghum, and macadamia nut. 

Taken from the belly as a whole muscle, salted, marinated in garlic and spices and left to naturally slow cure for 3 months. This process has been perfectly executed and mastered by De Palma Salumi resulting in an exceptional Flat Pancetta. This traditional process guarantees a delicate, tender and creamy mouth feel to the end product. 

This Flat Pancetta has been pre-sliced for your convenience. It is perfect for the ultimate carbonara, wrapped around fillet steak for filet mignon or draped over a whole chicken before roasting. 

In order to maximise the flavour and aroma of any cured product, we suggest you serve the product at room temperature, or about 21ºC.

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