Brown Swiss 8 Year Old Retired Dairy Cow Hide

  • Product Information

    Fostering the appreciation of older cattle, Luke & Jess Micallef from Camden Valley Farm in New South Wales, allow Brown Swiss dairy cows to retire on pasture for up to 8 years allowing them to have a full happy life.

    Thanks to this initiative from Luke & Jess, you not only have the chance to eat some of the most incredible beef in the country, you can also present it proudly at home. 

    It is incredibly rare to get your hands on hides such as this as they are normally sold back to the abattoir who then on-sell these to tanneries to produce leather (a by-product of meat consumption).  

    Expertly hand tanned (no machinery was used in the process).  Create a sense of cosines and warmth in your home using a natural and sustainable material.  Hide measurements are 2.2m x 1.45m

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