Fullblood Wagyu Panko Crumbed Schnitzel Marble Score 9+ Stone Axe - 160g x 4 Pieces


This incredible Fullblood Wagyu Topside minute steak has the right amount of marbling, flavour and texture. We have sliced it beautifully by hand for you, and crumbed it. This is the perfect crumbed cut for a classic Wiener schnitzel. Incredibly tasty and incredibly versatile. A staple you must have in the fridge.

Since opening the doors of Vic's Meat we have continued and remained at the forefront of sourcing Australia’s best producers. This Fullblood Wagyu Marbling Score 9+ product is the culmination of the finest Fullblood wagyu beef on offer in Australia, beautifully prepared by our master butchers.

Hot tip: this would make a perfect 'cheats' version of Japan's famous wagyu sando. 

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