Chimi Churri Octopus - 200g

  • Product Information

    A labour of love...

    Sustainably trap caught in the cold southern waters of Bass Straight, Victoria. The Pallidus octopus is one of those ingredients you need to eat before you can fully understand its appeal.

    It can be tough to master the art of perfectly cooking an octopus. So for ease, we are offering this perfectly poached and beautifully prepared product by the geniuses at Martin's Seafood x Little Chef.

    The freshly caught octopus is tumbled first to tenderise the muscles, it is cleaned and then brined for 24 hours before its par cooked and finished with house made Chimi Churri - offering layers of kickarse flavour with a lovely sumptuous texture.

    This product is ready to eat as is – COLD. This is perfect in a salad dressed with fresh lemon juice, or can be heated very quickly on high heat in a pan or on the grill.

    Each piece will feed 1 to 2 people dependent on use.

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