Hida Japanese A5 Wagyu Ultimate Braising Beef - 500g


Hida beef cattle (Hida-Gyu) are raised on the clean air and pristine water of Gifu prefecture located under the shadow of Japan’s Northern Alps.

Many say that it’s the pure spring water of Gifu prefecture that contributes to the wonderful flavour of Hida-Gyu. In addition, Gifu farmers are highly skilled at raising superior cattle that yield the very best quality cuts.

Hida-Gyu, with its rich marbling, blushing pink meat, mellow fragrance and dynamic flavour is a particularly rare example of Japanese Wagyu, whose production is even smaller than that of Kobe Beef.

Renowned for its unrivalled quality, Hida Japanese Wagyu Beef is the ultimate beef experience. We are very proud to offer you this incredibly special beef for a limited time.  

When braised, this Beef will deliver big punchy & beefy flavour whilst maintaining a steak-like mouthfeel. 

This is the ULTIMATE cut to use in your next massaman curry, beef bourguignon, Hungarian goulash or pot roast. 

We have cut this extra chunky to ensure you get the perfect beef texture once cooked. This will be the most incredible braised meat you will ever eat - no matter what flavours you choose to put alongside it.

Japanese Wagyu Beef is graded based on yield (A, B, C) and meat quality (5-1) with A5 indicating the highest class. Established by Japan Meat Grading Association, the grading system evaluates meat quality by marbling, meat colour and brightness, firmness and texture, as well as fat colour and fat quality. The third component of grading Japanese wagyu is by its marbling, scored from BMS 1 to 12.

Hida Wagyu is A5 which is the highest quality grade in Japan. It marbles at a score of 11 to 12, the absolute highest in the world.

For best results, brown the meat for 4-5 minutes and cook low and slow until tender, juicy and collapsing when touched. 

Feeds up to 3 people

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