Blue Cheese Butter by Victor Churchill - 200g


The perfect finishing touch.

Add incredible buttery richness to your steaks...

Barry Charlton is Australia’s foremost expert on blue cheese and this Buffalo milk blue shows all his skills. The Charlton's Choice Buffalo Milk Blue has a delicate flavour. With a relatively mild blue taste, a long creamy finish, and a unique flavour from the super fresh buffalo milk, this blue is an absolute delight to eat.

As if butter wasn't perfect enough already. We have turned the humble stick of butter on its head with the addition of this incredible cheese. This butter has been softened with generous amounts of Blue Cheese, gently spiked with thyme and pepper - by the team at Victor Churchill. 

Butter is a remarkable carrier for the piquancy and sweet flavour of this Buffalo Milk Blue and provides you with an incredible number of uses. It is perfect placed on top of steak, tossed through pasta, or for another take on the classic garlic bread. 

This product is limited and exclusive to Vic's Meat Online. 

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