Fullblood Wagyu Biltong Chilli Flavour Marble Score 9+ Stone Axe - 250g

This is the benchmark for Biltong. Our Biltong is made to a traditional South African recipe using Australia's finest Fullblood Wagyu beef. Using natural spices, it is preservative and gluten-free, and naturally paleo. Once the beef has been spiced and marinated it is left to hang and naturally dry for 3 days. Get ready to be blown away by the texture and flavour! 

Once open, we recommend that it be stored in the fridge in a paper bag for up to 5 days. Placed into an airtight container, Biltong can also be stored in the Freezer for up to 6 months.

Sliced for your convenience. In order to maximise the flavour and aroma of any cured product, we suggest you serve the product at room temperature, or about 21ºC.


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