The Short Rib Blend Burger Patties - 150g x 4 Pieces

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The Perfect Burger does exist.

This gourmet burger pattie is made from pure, 100% Wagyu Short Rib Meat with a Marbling Score of 4 to 5. A big, bold & flavourful burger pattie guaranteed to satisfy connoisseurs seeking remarkable flavour. This isn’t your average burger pattie. Each pattie has been hand cut and hand formed.

Short Rib Meat is a cut synonymous for its ‘steak like’ eating quality, intense beef flavour and just the right amount of marbling to keep the burger juicy. We have used one of the best, and most flavourful cuts of meat available on a Carcass for you to enjoy in burger form.

Short Rib is the go-to cut used for the very best and most famous burgers in America.  It is the preferred cut used by Pat LaFrieda Butchers in New York to create the infamous Shake Shack burger.

You will taste the difference in every glorious bite. Try them topped with tangy barbeque sauce and some slaw, or any of your traditional burger toppings...

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