Beef Short Rib Asado Style Grass Fed / Grass Finished Southern Rangers 250g x 3 Pieces


Southern Rangers Angus Beef are pasture raised in the pristine Gippsland region of Victoria, and are Hormone and Antibiotic Free. Boasting natural marbling, beefy flavour and superior eating quality. 

The Short Rib is a well-marbled, flavour packed cut of meat that sits above the rib cage bones, interlaced with intercostal meat. It can be grilled over high heat to release complex, deep flavours or slowly braised to let the connective tissue melt down.  

This cut needs to be cooked gently to medium rare or medium, turning frequently so all the delicious juices stay inside. Cook them until you get a lovely crisp and smoky exterior. Team with a delicious piquant chimichurri or a good sharp mustard. 

Feeds 3 to 4 people.

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