• Perfect For Parties
  • Freshly Made Ingredients
  • Feeds 5 to 6 people


What’s the secret to the perfect taco? Using the most traditional and authentic ingredients of course! And we’re bringing them straight to your doorstep with our very own D.I.Y Taco Kit.

We're bringing you the most authentic and incredible at home taco kit available. The Corn Chips and Corn Tortilla's are both gluten free and prepared fresh to order. Our soft yellow corn tortilla's are the best tasting tortilla on the market. 

House-made guacamole salsa, tomato salsa and corn salsa are all made fresh to order with the very best quality ingredients, using authentic traditional home-style recipes by legendary Mexican cuisine expert, Rosa Cienfuego.

Importantly, everything included in this kit is sophisticated enough for the adults and mild enough for the kids. This kit is sure to be the next family favourite. 

This kit includes:


1 x piece Rangers Valley Black Onyx Beef Inside Skirt (900gm in total)


2 x packets Nichols Ethical Pasture Raised Chicken Thigh Fillet (approx. 1.1 kg in total) 


1 x packet Vic's Meat Blend Dry Rub

1 x 500g Freshly made Guacamole

1 x 500g Freshly made Tomato Salsa

1 x 500g Freshly made Corn Salsa

20 x pieces Yellow Corn Tortillas 15cm diameter (Gluten Free)

250g White Corn Chips

150ml bottle Cholula Original Hot Sauce (moderate heat)

This kit feeds 5 to 6 people.

Mexican-cuisine expert Rosa Cienfuegos has been instrumental in broadening and shaping Sydney diners’ understanding of Mexican cuisine. Her recently published cookbook Comida Mexicana, garnered international acclaim and made her renown for traditional cooking which she learnt growing up in native Mexico City.

Inside Skirt is Anthony's ALL TIME favourite cut of beef and is also traditionally used in Mexican cuisine for arrachera tacos.  It is amazing caramelised in the pan or grilled whole on the BBQ - aim for rare to medium-rare.

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