Wagyu Blackmore Fullblood Hanging Tender Marble Score 9+ - 500 g


The cut that butchers keep for themselves....

A true individual, the hanger or onglet literally hangs from the diaphragm, between the tenderloin and the rib. It sits close to the offal and has an intense flavour.  This cut is amazing caramelised in the pan - aim for rare to medium-rare.  The Hanger has a loose grain than most steaks, but the flavour is phenomenal! 

Representing only the highest grade 9+ Fullblood Wagyu as a result of a natural, slow production process that takes 4 years to complete.

Blackmore Wagyu beef produced for Vic’s Premium Quality Meat is farmed under the Blackmore family’s eco-feeding® program, which ensures complete control over the environment in which the animals are raised, their humane management
and welfare.

The Blackmore Wagyu farm is situated in the Victorian high country, at Alexandra. The location was specifically selected for its natural lagoons and old river red gums, allowing the cattle to be bred and fed in a natural, clean and sustainable environment.

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